May 2019 Plans

Week 1: We practiced notes with Race to the Top (Note Review), except that I didn’t use the die. Instead, I just had them draw cards with the note names on them.

Week 2: We practiced rhythms with Jenga (How to Drill Anything). Depending on the sticker they either had to create a rhythm or count and clap a rhythm.

Week 3: We made music to match our weather with Thunderstorm (Improv).

Week 4: We drilled tricky spots in our pieces and ear training with Rainbow Board Game (How to Drill Anything).

February 2019 Plans

Week 1: Race Across the Keyboard is a perennial favorite among my beginners, but this was the first time I figured out how to use it with students who already know the notes on the keyboard. We practiced intervals with it.

Week 2: This was the leadup to Valentine’s Day, so I caved on the no treats rule and played the The Treat Game. Depending on the student, we practiced notes, rhythms, intervals, and key signatures.

Week 3: It was snowing here, so we did the Gently Falling Snow Improv.

Week 4: It was time for a repeat game: Zap It.

January 2019 Plans

Due to illness, we had only three lessons this month:

Week 1: We drilled notes with the giant staff, where students could choose between Twister, Hopscotch, and Bean Bag Toss. I modified the games for more advanced students.

Week 2: We drew snowmen, monsters, and faces while accomplishing lots of different music challenges.

Week 3: We practiced rhythms with Compose Your Own Rhythm Duets, except this time I used flashcards instead of having the kids create their own rhythms.