Rainbow Board Game (How to Drill Anything)

This is a board I drew up on graph paper in a few spare minutes and can be used for anything.

What You Need:


  • Place the two game markers at the entry square.
  • Assign each color a category or flashcard:
    • I varied this for each student. Sometimes it was different sections of the piece they were learning, sometimes it was ear training on intervals or dictating a rhythm.

How to Play:

  • Roll the dice. Move your marker that many squares forward. Do the challenge for that color.
  • Rolling doubles means you get to go again.
  • Catching the teacher in a mistake means the teacher has to go back to where she was at the beginning of the turn.
  • Winner is whoever gets to the end first, or if you run out of time, whoever is ahead when the lesson is over.

Rainbow Game Board0003


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