February 2018 Plans

Here’s what we did in February:

Week 1: We reviewed notes on the giant staff. I gave students a choice between Giant Staff Twister, Giant Staff Hopscotch, and Giant Staff Bean Bag Toss.

Week 2: We celebrated Valentine’s Day and dictated rhythms with silly Valentine poems.

Week 3: We celebrated Chinese New Year with the Sight Reading Dragon.

Week 4: We got a head start on St. Patrick’s Day. We reviewed finger numbers and learned “The Rakes of Mallow.” With some students, we also practiced our musicality by switching up the dynamics, tempo, and key signature.

November 2017 Plans

Here’s what we did last month:

Week 1: We pulled out the drums for Drumming in Eight.

Week 2:  We practiced notes with Pluck the Turkey (Note Review).

Week 3: We learned to play “For Health and Strength” by rote memory. Once they had it down, we used Pumpkin Bowling to play “For Health and Strength” as a duet. Based on which pin they bowled down, my accompaniment was either country-western, block chords, oom-pa-pa, etc. For those students who were sufficiently advanced, I sometimes played the  melody while they played the accompaniment.

Week 4: We chose Christmas songs for the season, which took a lot of the time. Once that was determined, we played the Musicality Activity, using my nutcracker as the game piece. For some of the older students, I just held the signs and they chose one. I wasn’t sure they would go for the game version, and it went fine.