Lead Sheets

The Internet has a lot of lead sheets, but I find them hard to use with my students. They often come in keys that are nice to sing in but hard to play in. Or they use complex harmonizations or advanced chords like elevenths and thirteenths. This is all good if you’re experienced at improv, but hard on people just starting out.

My goal here is to provide lead sheets for students learning to use them. They are limited to the primary chords in each key, and they come in all four of the easiest keys. I have split them by time signature because that makes a difference to the left hand patterns you use. More will be coming as I create them.

*Songs marked with an asterisk can be played within a five-finger pattern, which makes them easier.

Major Lead Sheets

In 4/4 time

  • Ching-a-Ring Chaw in C, G, D, or F
  • *Hot Cross Buns in C, G, D, or F

In 3/4 time

  • Animal Fair in CGD, or F
  • Happy Birthday in C, G, D, or F

Coming Soon

  • For Health and Strength
  • Jingle Bells
  • Rakes of Mallow in C, G, D, or F


Minor Lead Sheets

Coming Soon

  • In the Hall of the Mountain King in a, e, b, or d
  • Snake Charmer in a, e, b, or d

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