Gently Falling Snow Improv

Generally, we play with the melody in the treble clef and leave the accompaniment to the bass clef. This improv is a good one to show that it doesn’t have to be like that.

Gently Falling Snow Improv

How to Use:

  • Demonstrate the pattern.
  • Teach it by rote. Advanced students should do it with just the right hand, but even beginners can learn it using two hands. Repeat until the student is confident.
  • Have the student play the pattern while you make up a melody below it using the notes of the C major scale.
  • Switch parts.


  • Change the key signature. The pattern is essentially just a scale, so students who have learned scales should be able to figure it out. Try it in minor for a very different effect.
  • Change the articulation. If you play it staccato, does it still remind you of gently falling snow? Or is it more like hail?
  • Change the octave. Which octave sounds the best?
  • Instead of making up the melody, try it with a lead sheet.

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