Easter Egg Performance Preparation

Easter Egg Performance Preparation

It’s recital time here. On the week before a performance, I always record the students so we can play it back and evaluate. The trick is to make this fun instead of intimidating, so we added in a bit of art.

What You Need:

  • Several Easter egg coloring pages, such as these, these, or these.
    • I used the ones with 9 eggs to a page, but anything will work.
    • I also specifically got some of the ones with blank eggs because some kids prefer to color, some prefer to draw.
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Recording device (I just use my phone)


  • Label the top of each coloring page with Take 1, Take 2, or Take 3. I did one coloring page and one blank egg page for each of the three takes.

What to Do:

  • Record the student playing their piece two or three times.
  • Play back the first take. Discuss what went well and what could use improvement. You could use the Pre-Recital Self Assessment for this, but it’s optional.
  • Repeat for the second and third takes.
  • Determine which recording was the best. The student can then decorate one of the eggs on the page labeled for that take.

Easter Egg Performance Prep

Pre-Recital Self Assessment

Our spring recital was yesterday, so last week’s lessons were the last chance to get some feedback before the big event. I always like to record the kids so they can watch their own playing afterwards. This time we watched the recording and then used Pianimation’s Smile-O-Meter for a self-assessment, which I highly recommend, especially when used with a recording.

I find that the kids often have no idea how well they’ve done right after they’ve played. It helps to have watched it all the way through, and then break things down into notes, rhythm, details, and technique. I also find that some kids automatically think they were wonderful and some kids automatically think they were terrible. This is a good way to talk about bringing both those opinions closer to reality.