January 2019 Plans

Due to illness, we had only three lessons this month:

Week 1: We drilled notes with the giant staff, where students could choose between Twister, Hopscotch, and Bean Bag Toss. I modified the games for more advanced students.

Week 2: We drew snowmen, monsters, and faces while accomplishing lots of different music challenges.

Week 3: We practiced rhythms with Compose Your Own Rhythm Duets, except this time I used flashcards instead of having the kids create their own rhythms.

November 2018 Plans

Week 1: We practiced intervals, Thanksgiving-style, with Sailing the Seas (Intervals).

Week 2: We were pretty boring this week. We were preparing for the recital, and all we did was record the kids and have them evaluate their own readiness.

Week 3: Thanksgiving, so no lessons.

Week 4: The Christmas season began. We practiced intervals and notes on the staff and keyboard with the Christmas Fortune Teller.

October 2018 Plans

A bit belated, but here it is.

Week 1: Most of my students used Skeleton, Human or Monster? (How to Drill Anything) to drill note names, but the more advanced students used the skeleton in a Primary Chord Drill.

Week 2: We used Spider Web (How to Drill Anything) to practice rhythms.

Week 3: We did a Halloween improv with the Black Cat Strut (Improv).

Week 4: We did yet more improv with the Halloween variation of the Motif Game.