Random Dynamics

I had a plan this week, but it required five minutes of preparation, and that was five minutes more than I had, so this is what we did instead.

What You Need:

  • Some way of choosing dynamics* randomly, such as:
    • Index cards with various dynamics on them (students draw a card)
    • Index cards with various dynamics on them and a bottle (lay them out on the floor and play spin the bottle)
    • A page assigning various dynamics to numbers 1-6 and one die.
    • A page with the dynamics written on it and a spinner in the middle
    • A blank die that you write the dynamics on

*I used pp, f, ff, crescendo, diminuendo, and wild-and-crazy.


  • None

How to Play: 

  • Have the student choose a review song or even a section of a review song. Play through it first to make sure they still know the notes.
  • Select the first dynamic by spinning, drawing, rolling, or whatever.
  • Play the review song again with that dynamic.
    • Wild-and-crazy means they should change up the dynamics a lot throughout the piece.
  • Select a new dynamic and go again.


Random Dynamics


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