July 2018 Plans

I’m a bit behind schedule, but here’s what we did in July. There were only three weeks of lessons because of vacation.

Week 1: We played the Slap Game, which is one of my favorite ways to review note names because it is quick, easy, requires no prep, and kids of all ages love it.

Week 2: We practiced ear training with Sharks and Dolphins to hear the difference between a half step and a whole step.

Week 3: We practiced notes again with the Flower Game.

June 2018 Plans

The reason I keep this blog is because I myself can’t remember what I did from one week to the next. I had to go back and read my own past blog posts even to have a clue about this one. Here’s what we did in June:

Week 1: We practiced intervals with Interval Ice Cream.

Week 2: We practiced rhythms with Whiteboard Rhythm Dictation.

Week 3: We played the Catch My Mistake Sight Reading Game. Amazingly, I lost every time.

Week 4: We composed with Chromatic Composition.

May 2018 Plans

Here’s what we did in May:

Week 1: We practiced different playing at different tempos with the Body Percussion Tempo Challenge.

Week 2: We reviewed notes with the Paint Chip Board Game (How to Drill Anything).

Week 3: We practiced rhythms with Rhythm Duets on Chimes or Bells.

Week 4: This week was the end of the school year for all my kids, so we did a Summertime Improv.

Week 5: We attempted to make sight reading less boring with Sight Reading Spin the Bottle.

February 2018 Plans

Here’s what we did in February:

Week 1: We reviewed notes on the giant staff. I gave students a choice between Giant Staff Twister, Giant Staff Hopscotch, and Giant Staff Bean Bag Toss.

Week 2: We celebrated Valentine’s Day and dictated rhythms with silly Valentine poems.

Week 3: We celebrated Chinese New Year with the Sight Reading Dragon.

Week 4: We got a head start on St. Patrick’s Day. We reviewed finger numbers and learned “The Rakes of Mallow.” With some students, we also practiced our musicality by switching up the dynamics, tempo, and key signature.