The Flower Game (Note Review)

I made this game up years ago when I had a small studio and all the students were girls. If I were doing it again, I’d probably go with a more gender-neutral theme, but the idea works well.

What You Need:

  • A game board (see the picture below). I made mine out of tile samples, so I don’t have a downloadable, but you could easily print a blank board game like these and create this in a couple of minutes. The main features are:
    • Each tile labeled with one of the note names (A through G in order)
    • An occasional tile that has a special color (in my picture, they’re pink)
  • Game pieces
  • Note flash cards
  • Special flash cards which are not note names. You could use rhythms, dynamics, symbols, whatever.


  • Place two game pieces on Start.
  • Shuffle both decks of cards.

How to Play:

  • The first player draws a note flash card. After naming the note, he can move his game piece up to that letter on the game board.
  • If the game piece lands on a tile that has a special color, he can draw from the pile of special flash cards. If he can correctly identify or explain whatever is on that card, he can move up two extra tiles.
  • The second player takes the same turn. The first person to reach the end wins.
  • As teacher, I play under several disadvantages. I always go second. I sometimes make a “mistake” in naming my note. If the student catches me, I don’t get to move up. If I land on a special color, the student is still the one who gets the special flash card and the two extra spaces. Also, my special flash cards include a few cards that say “Teacher loses a turn.”


  • To make it easier, identify notes on the keyboard instead of using flashcards with staff notes, or limit the flashcards to those notes the student knows how to read.
  • To make it harder, require intervals. For example, the student should move to the tile that is a third above whichever flashcard he draws.



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