November 2017 Plans

Here’s what we did last month:

Week 1: We pulled out the drums for Drumming in Eight.

Week 2:  We practiced notes with Pluck the Turkey (Note Review).

Week 3: We learned to play “For Health and Strength” by rote memory. Once they had it down, we used Pumpkin Bowling to play “For Health and Strength” as a duet. Based on which pin they bowled down, my accompaniment was either country-western, block chords, oom-pa-pa, etc. For those students who were sufficiently advanced, I sometimes played the  melody while they played the accompaniment.

Week 4: We chose Christmas songs for the season, which took a lot of the time. Once that was determined, we played the Musicality Activity, using my nutcracker as the game piece. For some of the older students, I just held the signs and they chose one. I wasn’t sure they would go for the game version, and it went fine.



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