July 2017 Plans

July is a wrap. Here’s what I did this month.

Week 1: We played Connect Four to practice note reading.

  • I gave most of them a choice between regular Connect Four, Gravity Connect Four, and the Reversi twist. Almost all of them chose regular Connect Four. All three versions are explained here.

Week 2: We played Phase Six to practice building and clapping rhythms.

  • I am continually amazed by how some kids pick this up immediately and others really struggle.

Week 3: We improvised melodies based on different emotions by making music to go along with a picture book.

  • This one was a hit with everyone. Even my most successful ideas don’t always meet with such universal enthusiasm.

Week 4: We practiced intervals by playing the Colorful Intervals Game.

  • Most of the kids loved this, especially the young ones and the girls. The older boys didn’t mind, though they weren’t as thrilled as the others.


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