Comparing Method Books, Part 2

I’ve already written a comparison of three major piano method books, level one, and today I’m continuing on. I’ve dropped covering Bastien’s because I don’t have any students who have come to me from beyond the first level.

The way the different series number their books is a bit confusing. I would love it if they all just started with book one and then moved on to book two. But they don’t, so this comparison is between Alfred’s Level 1B and Faber Level 1. (Faber started with a Primer Level.)

The major difference here is that by the end of this level, Alfred’s students have the conceptual basis for major scales, but not chords, while Faber does exactly the opposite. That aside, I’d say that overall a student at the end of Alfred’s Level 1B is playing more complicated music than a student at the end of Faber Level 1.

To view the part two comparison, click here.

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